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Local Entrepreneur Makes Lemonade Out of Lemons…the Metrodome is Recycled After Collapse!

The Guy Nelson Family

While fans and teams were scrambling after the Metrodome collapse last December, local entrepreneur, Guy Nelson, was quickly on the phone with his own plan in place…trying to obtain the actual damaged Metrodome Roof!

After 6 months of calls, emails and meetings, Guy finally obtained majority interest in the actual Metrodome Roof material. “Much of the roof had to be destroyed by demolition due to safety and logistics, but a great portion of it was still able to be salvaged”, says Guy Nelson, a longtime local sports fan. “I just couldn’t believe I got my hands on this material…it is pretty exciting to have a large piece of Twins and Vikings history and be able to share a piece of it with fans across the world now! This is a keepsake that doesn’t come along that often!”

“I also think the best thing about this is that we are able to be ‘green’ and prevent acres of this material from going into local landfills where it could be for a over a thousand years and now can be cherished in your office, sports room or man cave”, says Guy. “I am also wanting to ‘give back’ and want a generous portion of the proceeds to benefit various local charities. I really believe in Cause Marketing and people will feel good about their purchase as well knowing kids will benefit too. Its just a win-win all around no matter how you look at it….recycling and being ‘green’, a charity benefits from the success, sports fans can get and cherish a genuine and authentic piece of Metrodome Memory and I can make a bit of revenue as well!”

Guy Nelson at the Dome during the turf replacement project